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Product range

In hydraulics, electronics or mechanics, providing you with the best solution is our challenge: We design and supply ready-for-use hydraulic control and drive systems, including electronic controls and regulators for mobile and stationary machines and plants for a wide array of industries - The complete package from a single source.

On-site installation, pipe-work, flushing, pressure testing and commissioning projects are completed both for our own systems and also for other OEMs.

Service, repairs and modifications can be completed on-site or off-site depending on the customer's requirements.

Only components of the highest quality and craftsmanship are utilized.

HYDAC KineSys -
The optimised motion control system

The demand for high productivity whilst ensuring efficient use of resources increasingly forms part of the customer specification for modern machines and systems. Given the background of steadily rising energy and raw material costs, the efficient design of the drive system is an important component in the overall life cycle cost.

Using the experience gained from many international projects, our industry and product specialists will analyse your application. Together we develop quick and effective economical solutions.
Depending on the application, different strategies are selected for the drive tasks, from a simple control right up to highly dynamic controls. To help in this process we make use of a wide variety of test rigs and simulation systems. It makes no difference whether it is a case of developing and manufacturing individual stationary or mobile systems, or implementing series production solutions.

With access to the entire range of Hydac products we can provide you with the best solution for your requirements. This streamlines the design and ensures maximum efficiency for the operation of your machine and system.

Providing you with the best solution is our challenge.

Advantages of KineSys products and solutions: